Call For Participants!


Due to a fantastic initial response to this call I am no longer looking for further participants.  If you have come here interested in taking part, then I’m very grateful for your interest in my research, but I will not be running any more chat sessions.

Are you a non-native speaker of English?  Do you use English as a second or foreign language to communicate with people online, or through any form of electronic technology?  If so, then we’d like to talk to you about your experience.  As part of a research partnership between Cambridge University Press and the University of Nottingham we want to talk to people like you, in order to understand how English language teaching can help people communicate online.

Why?  We want to find out:

  • What kinds of electronic communication you use – email, chat rooms, instant messaging apps, online community forums… pretty much anything really, the only limit is that we’re interested in text communication – typed on a keyboard or on a phone – rather than video or audio communication.
  • What you use these things for, which ones you like or dislike, and which ones you find easier or more difficult to use.
  • Whether you have any particular problems communicating with other people using these methods of communication.

What do we want you to do?

We’ll ask you to participate in an online text-chat session with a researcher and three or four other people like you.  The chat will last for about an hour, although the whole process will take an hour and a half of your time.  We’ll ask you to talk about the things listed above, then fill in an online questionnaire.  The whole process will be online, so you don’t have to travel anywhere and can take part from your home computer or anywhere you want.  We only ask that you participate using a full computer keyboard, rather than just a mobile phone, so that everyone can contribute equally.


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